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Simplifying mobile working

Preparing for post-covid

This epidemic has deeply changed the way we think about corporate life.

The notion of social distancing will lead to rethink corporate standards, through the democratization of teleworking.

In this new environment, it is essential that an employee is able to work without hindrance.

Providing a secure access to end-user support services prevents the risk of a drop in production.

This is now a business priority.

Sesame allows us to go beyond the physical limits of the office space.

By making most used helpdesk services accessible from a mobile phone.

No matter where it is located.

Unlock Windows Active Directory account.

Change password with mobile client app.

Have temporary extended rights.
This functionality is only available for pre-approved users.

These 3 operations count for more than 40% of support calls.

Thanks to Sesame, they are now managed securely through your mobile phone.

Key numbers

A support call costs an average of 9.5 €
The associated loss of productivity amounts to 60€ per user
74% of data theft comes from abuse of privileged accounts.

Why Sesame?

save money

Cost reduction

On average 40% of support tickets are password related, 1% of all users perform a password reset through support every day.


Increase productivity

Users won't waste any more time because of an account problem, enabling support teams will be able to focus on more urgent tasks.


Increasing safety

Reduce the administrator impact on IT security by limiting your exposure time and the number of full-time administrators on your network.

Sesame it's :

An administration portal


A mobile client

android ios
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